Rental Only: "The Jean"

Takahiro Miyashita thesoloist "The Jean" 

In 2009, Takahiro Miyashita presented his final show for his Number (N)ine label. After departing the label and taking a hiatus in order to soul search, Miyashita returned to the world of fashion in 2010 with his eponymous label “Takahiro Miyashita thesoloist.” As the namesake implies, Miyashita would assume a tighter control on the creative direction of the brand and the garments clearly exude that statement. Early seasons would consist of layered reconstructed garments utilizing different materials such as indigo denim, lambskin leather, and blistered suede. 

As such, this pair of indigo wash denim has been deconstructed, and re-stitched from vintage denim fabric to form a patchwork pattern along with misplaced pockets.

Size: 46 ; Fits 29-30 waist

Not For Sale, Rental Inquiries Only