BIGBANG Taeyang's 1/1 Leather Overalls

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BIGBANG’s Shared History with Chrome Hearts

From flamboyant gothic jewelry and high-end handcrafted leather, to an assortment of furniture and home goods, there’s no limit to what Chrome Hearts will incorporate into its eclectic catalogue. Since its conception in a Los Angeles garage in 1988, the now worldwide brand has gone on to open flagship stores all over the US, Asia, and Europe. The outfit’s unprecedented popularity can be attributed, in part, to the influence of K-pop, namely multi-platinum boyband BIGBANG. Dubbed the “Kings of K-pop,” BIGBANG is considered one of the most influential acts in K-pop history, with each member embodying his own unique style and persona. Band members Taeyang and G-Dragon have been big supporters of Chrome Hearts throughout their careers. In the music video for his 2009 hit single, “Wedding Dress,” Taeyang is seen wearing Chrome Hearts accessories such as silver dog tags, rings, and a belt. Throughout his many years as a BIGBANG member and a solo recording artist, Taeyang has been spotted in the brand’s apparel and accessories numerous times. To celebrate Chrome Hearts and BIGBANG’s iconic shared history, we have a pair of custom Chrome Hearts leather overalls made for Taeyang. Made from its trademark in-house leather, this one-of-one piece features the brand’s signature 0.925 sterling silver hardware on buttons, zippers, and clasps alike. The interior is lined with Hermes’ Tutankhamun silk, featuring a graphic of the mask of Tutankhamun. With a drop-crotch fit, this pair also features Taeyang’s name stamped inside of the overalls under the Chrome Hearts branding.

Writing by @anzhu_timothy

Editing by @ant_on_the_net


Condition: Lightly used
Size: Fits US 29-31 waist