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Chrome Hearts Plaid Flannel

From gaudy gothic jewelry, high-end hand crafted leather, to chuck taylor’s with sterling silver eyelets, furniture, home goods, and even a plunger, there is no shortage of items that Chrome Hearts can incorporate into their universe. Background regarding the brand’s history and its founder, Richard Stark, remain sparse. After moving to California at the age of 18, Stark apprenticed with an architect builder, learning building and woodworking while simultaneously stocking leather for his boss's father’s leather importing company. From there, Stark would design leather garments on the side for friends and family which would lay the foundation for the conception of the brand we know today. 

Chrome Hearts opened in March of 1989 designing the costume of the 1989 comedy horror film “Chopper Chicks in ZombieTown” followed by a collaboration with Steve Jones, the guitarist of the legendary British Punk-rock band the Sex Pistols.Three years later in 1992, Stark received the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers) award, to which he wrote, “Never heard of it.” Stark concludes the letter with a motto: “Chrome don’t get you home, but Chrome Hearts will get you somewhere that makes you feel like yer home.”

This flannel shirt from the brand features its signature gaudy gothic cross motif decorated throughout the garment. Detailed with sterling silver buttons and leather patches stitched onto the wrist cuffs, this maximalist take on a wardrobe staple is a testament to Chrome Hearts’ unique way of creating parts of a shared universe.

Features Chrome Hearts hardware.

Condition: Used

Size: Large, fits Medium

Length: 29 inches
Shoulder: 18 inches
Pit-to-pit: 21 inches 
Sleeve Length: 25 inches 

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