Isochron was established in 2019 in T'karonto, Canada by metalsmith and designer Matthew Cheung. Isochron seeks to change the perception of what jewelry can be, and to advance the medium through material and production. This is explored through two opposing central concepts: Eternity and Transience. Isochron carefully selects rare and beautiful materials and sculpts them into objects intended to last a lifetime, while simultaneously embracing the ephemeral anachronism of each piece. Pieces often appear as artifacts, their once pristine surfaces meticulously oxidized and riven, seemingly on the verge of disintegrating. This constant tension between Eternity and Transience is present in every piece of jewelry, an acknowledgment that no object is immune to temporality, but is conversely more elemental and beautiful because of it.

Each piece features a sterling silver jewelry box with a magnetic lid that can be repurposed as an incense box, a sheath that can be used as a bookmark, and a jewelry cloth that may be utilized as a handkerchief.

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On Sale Caduceus Ring

Caduceus Ring

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Syndicate Ring

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Atlas Bracelet

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Petrichor Ring

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On Sale Arachne Bracelet

Arachne Bracelet

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Misato Necklace

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Nucleus Ring

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Obelisk Necklace

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Paramnesia Ring