Patchwork Tent Poncho w/ Fur Hood (1/1)

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"Anyone with the last name of Lauren is likely to enjoy a bit of extra attention, especially if they operate in the fashion world. Greg Lauren is nephew to Ralph Lauren, and though that’s no bad thing, the two styles couldn’t be more different. Whereas Ralph Lauren is arguably the father of late 20th century American style, exported and copied the world over, Greg Lauren is defining a new American style, one that nods to the melting pot that is modern America." - Italist

Patchwork Poncho from Greg Lauren.
Features a beautiful fur hood and impeccable design from Greg Lauren. The split-zippered tail allows for a multitude of different silhouettes to be worn.
Patchwork detail is intricate and imperfectly precise.
Drawstring neck-line for added adjustability.
1:1 Sample piece. Handmade.
The encompassing product of hundreds of manhours.


Length: Approximately 74 inches

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