Cargo Aviator Flight Jacket
Cargo Aviator Flight Jacket

Cargo Aviator Flight Jacket

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This Japanese fashion brand was founded in 1990 by the designer and master of the industry Takao Yamashita. The first collection was presented in 1991 along with the rise of the urban culture in the famous district of Harajuku, which catapulted it to its stardom; Currently, it is considered as a cult brand in the Japanese country. Like his peers, Yamashita is inspired by the punk culture of the United States. However, it moves away from the “careless” style of Takahashi (Undercover) and Miyashita (Number Nine); and approaches other topics such as religion, fairytales and iconography. Yamashita designs t-shirts, blouses, parkas and accessories that are really curious, an example, a giant safety pin from AW 98-99; always with a strong symbolic charge. He collaborates with brands such as Undercover or 20471120, which are part of the 2000 Japanese wardrobe.

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This is a flight jacket froom the HYOMA diffusion label that features an integrated backside cargo pocket made of a nylon similar to the silk nylon used at Prada. Pragmatic, yet slightly avant-garde, this jacket holds true to the design language of Yamashita.




Fits US Medium.

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